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Smarter technology. Better business.

At Vivint, we specialize in simplifying lives, and your business is a big part of your life. Just like any other part of your life, you want to be there—even when you can't.

That's why we offer integrated, automated technology solutions that manage themselves so you can focus on what's really important: your business and your customers.

Business security panel


  • Retail

    Are you a retailer that needs better security or smarter technology? Own a clothing store or a salon or a shipping company? We're here to help. We'll keep your business safe and organized.

  • Office Space
    Office Space

    Have an office? Whether you're running a home realty, a law firm, or a local agency, Vivint is here to simplify your workspace and make sure your office is efficient and protected.

  • Healthcare

    Dentists, eye doctors, pharmacists, elder care professionals—you name it. We're here to help healthcare providers take care of their workspace so they can take care of their patients.

  • Restaurants Icon

    Maybe you own a family diner. Or a coffee shop. Or a health food grocery store. No matter your area of specialty, we can help you protect your employees and inventory and customize a system to fit your business.

  • Automotive Icon

    Maybe your business is more hands-on, like a car dealership or an auto repair shop. We have solutions for that too. Use Vivint to protect your garage, keep an eye on your parts, save money on energy, and much more.

Business Security

A good security system must be reliable, which is why we take pride being awarded for our numerous customer service and technology awards. Our trained professionals are always there and ready to contact you directly and respond to an alarm.

Energy Management

You can save your business hundreds of dollars simply by cutting the waste. Make sure that when you're not in the office, the lights are off and the temperature is adjusted. You'll be amazed how much you can save on utilities by only using what you need.

Video Surveillance

With security cameras in your workplace, you'll be able to check in and protect every part of your business: your employees, your inventory, your building, and more. Aside from protecting yourself from unethical or illegal practices, you’ll also be able to make your business more efficient.

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